Durée: 1 journée

Dates: mardi 11 octobre 2022 (10h-17h)

Lieu: Inria Saclay - Bâtiment Turing - Salle Grace Hopper

Intervenant: Hande Gözükan (SED Saclay)

Langage: Le support est en anglais, et la formation peut être donnée en français ou en anglais.

Pré-requis: expérience de programmation, avoir un compte sur le GitLab Inria.

This training aims to give a taste of Docker with hands-on experience. Docker concepts and its architecture will be explained in their basics. The main objective of this training is to show a complete workflow that could be useful to everyone.

By the end of the course, participants should have a basic understanding of the concepts and some experience with the basic Docker commands that would enable them to assess possible use cases for their own work. More in-depth reading is left to the participants.

The training also includes a short introduction to docker-compose and demonstrates its usage over a simple use case.


You may register yourself here. Please notify us if you register and finally can't make it.


Optional requirements

Note: Training material is prepared using Jupyter. Use of Jupyter together with bash_kernel provides an easy to use and coherent interface. Jupyter lab is favored over Jupyter notebook as it provides a tabbed work area where you can view notebook, terminal and text files side by side.


  1. Dockerfile, Images and Containers
  2. Build Cache
  3. Data Management
  4. Networking
  5. Docker compose