jeudi 19 mai 2022
Their bionic eyes are now obsolete and unsupported [Romain]
« Un fabricant de matériel qui fait faillite et laisse ses utilisateurs en plan, c'est aujourd'hui monnaie courante. Mais ici, il s'agit de prothèses visuelles.  »
Understanding (a bit) Kalman Filters [Laurent Steff]
« Kalman filters are algorithms used intensively in various domain, such as navigation, guidance and control. It was, for example, incorporated in Apollo navigation computer. Understanding Kalman filters is not obvious, though, as it could be seen in Wikipedia's definition. This article tries to explain the 'simple' Kalman Filter in the context of autonomous vehicle's navigation and gives some practical insights. It points also to two other well detailed articles about Extended Kalman Filters and Unscented Kalman Filters.  »
How to Pass a Tuple with Variable Arguments as a Function Parameter in C++ [Vincent]
« Comment passer un tuple à une fonction template variadique.  »