jeudi 18 mai 2017 à 13h00

La onzième session de "Demandez le programme!" se tiendra le jeudi 18 mai de 13h à 14h dans la salle Grace Hopper (bâtiment Alan Turing).

Python is a popular language for scientific computing and data analysis. Part of its success is due to the high-performance and easy to use data structures, and when working with tabular data, pandas is the library of choice to handle such data. Pandas is centered around the DataFrame object and provides a wealth of methods to easily import/export data from/to various formats, clean, manipulate, reshape and merge your data.

Pandas is thus focused on tabular or structured data (like SQL tables, Excel spreadsheets, R data.frames, ..) and provides powerful tools to interactively explore and analyse such data. In this session, Joris Van den Bossche (Parietal) will give an introduction to the pandas library.

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