mercredi 2 février 2022
« Insights from data on O'Reilly's learning platform, some quotes that may be of interest:
  • "We start with an explosion of fantastic achievements that seem like science fiction—imagine, GPT-3 can write stories!"
  • "We know that C++ dominates game programming, but we suspect that it’s also coming to dominate embedded systems, which is really just a more formal way to say “internet of things.” We also suspect (but don’t know) that C++ is becoming more widely used to develop microservices."
mardi 31 août 2021
« Ryan Dahl talks about programming languages, IDEs, frameworks and much more about software engineering.  »
jeudi 11 mars 2021
« Une comparaison rapide de la gestion des valeurs flottante -0/+0, -INF/+INF entre les langages C++ /Java / Swift / GO / C#  »
jeudi 15 octobre 2020
« A fairly biased but yet interesting comparisons between those languages and their communities.  »
[c++, c, go, rust]
Go by example [Hande]
vendredi 12 juin 2015
«  Une introduction au langage Go par des exemples. »