TypeScript 5.0 is out [Laurent Steff]
vendredi 31 mars 2023
« TypeScript 5.0 is now available, with some changes as: standard decorator support (it was experimental before), const parameters, real union enums ...  »
mercredi 2 février 2022
« Insights from data on O'Reilly's learning platform, some quotes that may be of interest:
  • "We start with an explosion of fantastic achievements that seem like science fiction—imagine, GPT-3 can write stories!"
  • "We know that C++ dominates game programming, but we suspect that it’s also coming to dominate embedded systems, which is really just a more formal way to say “internet of things.” We also suspect (but don’t know) that C++ is becoming more widely used to develop microservices."
mardi 31 août 2021
« Ryan Dahl talks about programming languages, IDEs, frameworks and much more about software engineering.  »
jeudi 15 juillet 2021
« Deno is a runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, started by the creator of Node (Ryan Dahl) around 2018. Its stable release is a bit more than one year old. This article gives a bit more detail than the official documentation about the differences between Node and Deno.  »
mardi 25 mai 2021
« Choosing a language is an architectural choice critical for many things: safety, libraries support, recruitment, ... There is no right or wrong, only choices. Once chosen, it is nice to estimate the balance between benefits and costs. Eric Elliott shares one of hist experience on the matter.  »
jeudi 15 novembre 2018
« create-react-app est un moyen simple de débuter un projet d'UI web en javascript basé sur React. Jusqu'ici, les utilisateurs de TypeScript pouvaient se tourner vers un fork. Signe de l'importance grandissante de TypeScript, depuis la version 2.1.0, create-react-app prend directement en charge ce langage. Ce post de blog indique comment migrer du fork vers la version principale, apparemment sans trop de douleur.  »